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Peru: World’s leading Culinary Destination and World’s Leading Tourism Website
Peru: World’s leading Culinary Destination and World’s Leading Tourism Website


Dec. 08. The edition of the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) placed Peru as the 2014 World’s Leading Culinary Destination and government-run official tourism website (Peru.travel) was pronounced the World’s Leading Tourism Authority Website 2014, confirmed on Monday the Foreign Trade and Tourism minister, Magali Silva. 

The ceremony took place in the Caribbean island of Anguilla, said Silva.

«The WTA are considered a quality trademark in the tourism sector. That means some of those, who achieve these awards, place their product as the best of the world, and at the same time, they become references for the rest of the trademarks,» she added.

Magali Silva emphasized this is the third time Peru wins the World’s Leading Culinary Destination and congratulated the recognition earned by the official website peru.travel.

The site has been translated into 8 different languages. Visitor from all over the world can access tourism-related content by official sources and updated information about Peru’s main destinations and attractions.

«Receiving this type of award do not only showcase our country at an international level, [but] it also encourages us to continue to work more in order to gain excellence and turn Peru into one of the most important tourist destinations,” the minister explained.

“In this way, we can achieve the goal we have established in this presidential term, which is to reach 4 million of tourists per year by 2016,” she added.

Peru’s Economy and Trade advisor in Washington, Juan Luis Reus, attended the ceremony in representation of minister Silva in order to receive the aforementioned awards.




Source: http://www.andina.com.pe/Ingles/noticia-peru-worlds-leading-culinary-destination-and-worlds-leading-tourism-website-534770.aspx

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